genome-engineering Services

Professional - Optimised - Flexible

What we offer

  • Knock-outs/Knock-ins
  • Gene tagging
  • SNP/mutation insertion & correction
  • Larger knock-ins
We offer highly flexible services from project consultancy to scale-up and banking of your master cell bank
Our team of experienced cell scientists possesses several years of in-depth and hands-on knowledge to accelerate your iPSC genome-engineering projects.
From initial project consultancy to eventual scale-up and banking of your master cell bank, our team delivers high-quality results.
With several dozen cell-line engineering projects under our belt, we have established and operate a cell-engineering pipeline exceptionally adapted to genome-editing projects utilizing iPSCs.
Our pipeline covers the entire workflow - from project planning to master cell bank. Alternatively, we offer various entry points into our pipeline that can benefit your projects.  Start your project with us today! 

Our Expertise - Your Success

Project planning

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Project strategy and timelines
  • Reagent design and deliverables

Clonality guaranteed with GRID technology

Generation of clonal edited lines

Single-cell cloning in visually clear and isolated chambers
We guarantee the generation of truly clonal iPSC lines through our unique GRID technology. Whole-chamber images document the process from single cell to clonal colony in a fully transparent and automated process.
Our fully streamlined pipeline delivers clonal lines with industry-leading cloning efficiencies across genetically diverse iPSC lines. 

Already have a pool of edited cells but no clones? Let us generate lines from existing genome-edited pools for you - guaranteed clonal!
We offer various levels of in-depth quality control measures tailored to your needs
Following the establishment of clonal edited lines, we offer diverse levels of quality assessment according to your needs.
We operate 4 tiers - from higher-level analyses to full-scale and more in-depth characterization. 

The right controls for your project

Quality control Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Quality control Level 1
Mycoplasma testing
SNP analysis
STR analysis
Pluri Immunofluorescence
3-lineage differentiation

Scale-up and banking

Scale-up and banking Level 1 Level 2
Scale-up and banking Level 1
Scale (vials) 48 96
Backup 12-months (vials) 8 6
From seed bank to master cell bank
Need more vials of cells - no problem! We offer to scale-up edited cells with the right quality to various levels.

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