Gentle and Automated Single-Cell Technologies

Single-cell isolation and handling solutions

iotaSciences offers efficient automation solutions for gentle single-cell isolation and single-cell cloning, as well as expert cell-line engineering services focussed on human induced pluripotent stem cells. Our modular systems enable researchers to increase the speed and efficiency of cell biology research to accelerate new frontiers, helping them to get the most out of every cell and progress the therapies of the future, faster.

  • Dispense and culture single cells efficiently in nanolitre volumes
  • Gentle & automated handling of cells for optimal viability
  • Intuitive & easy-to-use technologies

Why iotaSciences


Take advantage of gentle automation for single-cell isolation and single-cell cloning. Benefit from knowledge-driven workflows, increase cloning efficiency, reduce errors & easily demonstrate monoclonality — all with our unique low-volume cell culture chambers, ideally suited for single-cell workflows.


Our single-cell and automation-powered technologies are applied to a variety of applications, that require the highest level of single-cell viability, including  iPSC/gene editing, single-cell omics as well as antibody discovery and production processes.

CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing services for iPSCs

Utilize our expert cell-line engineering services for human induced pluripotent stem cells. Get high-quality and precisely edited iPSC cell models faster with bespoke genome-engineering services so you can focus on the sciences.

Trusted and Proven Technology

Our technologies and services are trusted by leading institutes around the globe

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