Gentle single-cell isolation made easy

The Picking Platform provides a flexible and automated approach to single-cell isolation - gently

The automated modular Picking Platform delivers a simple and streamlined single-cell isolation and picking workflow.

  • Unlock reproducible and consistent results with powerful automation
  • Flexibly isolate single cells into a variety of formats
  • Confidently image and document isolation and picking with whole-chamber images
  • Maintain exceptional cell viability

Efficient single-cell isolation

isoPick versus manual limiting dilution

Manually isolating single cells using “limiting dilution” is tedious and inefficient. Even under ideal plating conditions, the vast majority of wells do not receive a single cell. Single-cell containing wells are randomly distributed across the plate and locating and verifying them is extremely tedious and unreliable.

The isoPick transfers verified single cells from ultra-low volume culture chambers (GRIDs) automatically into 96-well plates (and other formats – see below).

This approach provides a highly efficient and hands-off single-cell isolation process. The picking and transfer process is very gentle to cells and maintains highest cell viability throughout the entire workflow.

Flexible transfer of single cells

... into different downstream formats for your single-cell assays

The Picking Platform gently isolates and transfers your single cells flexibly into different downstream formats and volumes, compatible with various assays. This includes 96 well-plates for cell culture and PCR, small collection tubes, such as 8-strip PCR tubes, as well as glass vials compatible with mass-spec workflows.

Transfer single cells flexibly into different volumes
Isolate and transfer single cells flexibly into various downstream formats

isoPick — gently isolate and pick your single cells

The isoPick automatically dispenses cells gently into GRID chambers and can flexibly transfer selected single cells into a range of different formats compatible with your downstream applications — including 96-well plates, PCR tubes, and vials for mass spectrometry. Importantly, optional temperature control and ultra-gentle handling of sensitive cells ensures high cell viability during cell isolation and transfer.

isoHub — easily select single cells for isolation

After plating cells into GRID chambers, you can conveniently visualise cells of interest using the isoHub, which automates navigation through GRIDs and allows you to select chamber coordinates of the single cells you want to isolate. With the isoHub, you can view entire GRID chambers without optical edge effects, ensuring clear-cut identification of single cells. Wireless communication between the isoPick and isoHub also guarantees a seamless and efficient single-cell isolation process.

Low-volume chambers - single-cell picking

As with the Cloning Platform, the scPicking Platform utilizes low-volume cell chambers for isolating single cells. These chambers are ideally suited to easily verify singularity and once respective chambers have been selected, single cells can automatically and flexibly be transferred into various downstream formats, such as well-plates, PCR plates, PCR strips and more.

Application Note - hiPSCs

Explore how the Picking Platform facilitates the gentle isolation of single cells for efficient cloning of hiPSCs in well-plates

Application Note - scWGA

Learn how the Picking Platform streamlines the isolation of single cells for whole-genome amplification of single cells

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