Gentle single-cell isolation - simple!

Powerful automation for reproducible and consistent results
A simple workflow and accessible automation in a modular platform
Flexble isolation of single cells
Isolate single cells flexibly into various formats compatible with your application, including 96-well plates and PCR tubes

scPicking Platform

Document single-cell isolation and picking with whole-chamber images
Image and document isolation and picking of single cells with whole-chamber images and take confidence in your data
Gentle on cells
Low pressure and low shear with optional temperature control for high cell viability


Isolate and pick single cells
Automatically isolate and pick single cells - gently!
The isoPick manages all tedious pipetting steps for you: dispensing cells into GRID chambers, and transferring selected single cells flexibly into different formats compatible with your downstream applications! Wireless communication between isoPick and isoHub guarantees a seamless and efficient single-cell isolation process.


Easily select single cells for isolation
After cells have been plated into GRID chambers, single cells can conveniently be imaged using isoHub. The isoHub automates navigation through GRIDs and allows the selection of chamber coordinates of single cells to be isolated. Entire GRID chambers can be viewed in the absence of optical edge effects ensuring clear-cut identifcation of single cells.

Flexible transfer of single cells

Transfer your single cells flexibly into different formats
The isoPick allows users to transfer single cels from GRID chambers directly into various formats compatible with different applications, including 96-well plates, PCR tubes and vials compatible with mass spectrometry.
Optional temperature control and ultra-gentle handling of sensitive cells ensures high cell vability during cell isolation and transfer.

isoHub Fluorescence

4-channels & 16 LED wavelengths - any fluorophore
The scPicking Platform features a pE-4000 illumination system for fluorescence microscopy.
The system is controlled via a highly user-friendly touchpad and allows the detection of all commonly used fluorescent molecules, including GFP, RFP, DAPI and many others. 

Compact system

The most compact system on the market: isoPick fits into any cell culture hood without obstructing ongoing cell culture work.

Gentle on cells

Ultra-gentle handling of cells, low pressure and low shear fluid handling with optional temperature control assures highest single-cell viability.

Seamless operation

Wireless data-transfer between isoPick and isoHub guarantees a synergistic, automated and efficient single-cell isolation workflow.

Flexible single-cell isolation

The system flexibly transfers single cells into different formats compatible with a wide range of applications, including  scWGA, mass spectrometry and cell culture.

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