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Single-cell research is becoming increasingly important to study the cellular heterogeneity found in biological systems. Such research has been fuelled by recent discoveries in the areas of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and cell-to-cell interactions at the single-cell level leading to an increased need for single-cell handling tools.

Advancing your iPSC and genome-editing projects

Monoclonality is fundamental for many research areas, particularly genome-editing using CRISPR, creating cell lines for virus vector production, and manufacturing biological molecules like antibodies. Our advanced single-cell technologies deliver efficient isolation and accurate verification of monoclonal colonies, thereby ensuring data integrity and validity.


At iotaSciences, we provide you with fast, efficient and automated solutions for single-cell isolation from heterogenous populations


iPSCs, combined with technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9, open new possibilities for studying patient-specific genetic variants for a range of underlying conditions from neurodevelopmental disorders to age-related diseases such as Parkinson’s, to cancers, and rare diseases. The ability to isolate and study iPSCs at the single-cell level revolutionizes our understanding of disease mechanisms and offers unique possibilities to generate sophisticated disease models.

Enabling single-cell omics

Understand cell behaviour, decode complex molecular mechanisms, and explore cell heterogeneity with single-cell omics. Efficient single-cell isolation, a cornerstone of our technology, is your doorway to genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and transcriptomics at a single-cell level. As your reliable partner, we offer solutions that can simplify the collection of and enhance the quality of your single-cell omics data, to help you drive your research forward.

The precise isolation of a single cell from a heterogeneous population is crucial to single-cell omics. Typically, single-cell isolation is a time-intensive, laborious and error prone task. However, the isoPick™, based on our proprietary fluid-shaping technology, is an automated, easy-to-use, portable solution that facilitates high-quality, precise and reliable single-cell picking. With the isoPick™, we provide you with the single-cell isolation tool you need for single-cell and sub-cellular omics.

Antibody and Hybridoma

With our technology, you can bring about pioneering advancements in your antibody and hybridoma projects. Purpose-built to address the unique demands of hybridoma production, our platforms bring a suite of distinct advantages:

  • Streamlined single-cell plating: Our GRID technology ensures efficient plating of single cells and definitive verification of monoclonality, setting a strong foundation for a streamlined, efficient monoclonal antibody and hybridoma production processes.​
  • Gentle and effective cell handling: Our cutting-edge equipment utilises low shear stress techniques to delicately handle and maintain high cell viability.​
  • Augmentation of hybridoma growth: Our technology promotes robust clonal hybridoma outgrowth and achieves high cloning efficiencies. This equips you with a vast selection of high-quality hybridomas, which in turn leads to antibodies with superior specificity, binding affinity, and titre.​
  • Efficient resource utilisation: All these advantages are realised while operating with only nanolitre volumes, resulting in minimal consumable costs.​ technology is designed for clear, unobstructed viewing of cells.

Embrace the brilliance of optimised and streamlined hybridoma cultures with iotaSciences, accelerating your antibody and hybridoma research towards new heights of efficiency and success.

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