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Gentle Single-Cell Technologies for Precision Biology

Genome-engineering technologies, in particular CRISPR-Cas9, have opened tremendous and exciting opportunities for life sciences. It empowers the dissection of molecular mechanisms underlying human disease, generating tailored and patient-specific disease models as well as establishing powerful cell models for drug discovery. Our gentle single-cell technologies empower researchers to fully exploit these opportunities by automating and streamlining associated single-cell cloning and single-cell isolation workflows.     

The precise isolation of a single cell from a heterogeneous population is crucial to single-cell omics. Manual single-cell isolation is a time-intensive, laborious and error prone task. However, our easy-to-use, compact and automated single-cell isolation solution facilitates gentle, precise and efficient single-cell picking. Take advantage of transferring verified single cells flexibly into formats compatible with your assays, including well-plates, PCR tubes and mass-spec vials.  

Discovery and production of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies requires gentle and efficient single-cell cloning automation for single-cell cultures of hybridomas or production cell lines, such as HEK or CHO cells. 

Our gentle and automated single-cell handling technologies greatly simplify single-cell isolation and cloning of hybridomas and production cells.   

Cloning Platform

Accelerate your cell-line development workflow with powerful automation for single-cell cloning - from single cells to clonal cultures in no time

Picking Platform

Empower your single-cell workflows with efficient and gentle single-cell isolation automation. Transfer single cells flexibly into various formats compatible with your assay.

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