Expert gene-editing services for iPSCs

Accelerate your iPSC genome-engineering projects with our custom and expert service offerings. We understand that each project poses unique challenges and our team of experienced stem cell scientists is happy to assist you with in-depth experiences and strong technology capabilities.

Whether you require isogenic control cells, create precise disease models, or establish functional gene knockouts, we can support you with our streamlined and efficient gene-editing service pipeline. 

We further offer quality control of derived edited clones, such as SNP karyotyping, off-target analyses and more.   

Experience a smooth and efficient service for your iPSC genome-editing projects.

Accelerate your research with our proven services

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Interested in elevating your genome-engineering projects with our services? Connect with our seasoned experts, delve into the comprehensive resources we offer, or schedule a demo to witness firsthand how our platforms can amplify your scientific breakthroughs.