Miniature cell chambers for single-cell workflows

GRIDS - unprecedented optical clarity for your single cells


Individual chambers on 60-mm polystyrene dishes


Seconds for plating cells across 256 GRID chambers-automated & hands-free


Nanolitres per chamber for efficient isolation and/or culturing single cells


square millimetres per chamber

How are miniature single-cell chambers made?

Our miniature cell chambers form the core of our automated single-cell isolation and automated single-cell cloning solutions.  The single-cell chambers are made of an aqueous phase, such as cell medium or stem cell coatings, and separated and overlaid by an immiscible oil phase. They are ideally suited to gently isolate individual cells as well as culturing single cells into clonal cultures.    

With their small size, exceptional optical clarity, and lack of edge effects, the GRID chambers enable highly reliable in-chamber verification of monoclonality immediately after plating. In addition, their minimal volume requirements greatly help to reduce the use of costly reagents.

Benefits of GRIDs for single-cell workflows

Features GRID-chambers Well-plate Flat-bottom dish
Physically separated cell environments
One-step surface coating
Single cells visible at edges
Single cells visible directly after plating
Low reagent consumption

Cloning Platform

Accelerate your cell-line development workflow with powerful automation for single-cell cloning - from single cells to clonal cultures in no time

Picking Platform

Empower your single-cell workflows with efficient and gentle single-cell isolation automation. Transfer single cells flexibly into various formats compatible with your assay.

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