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POWERFUL AUTOMATION for single-cell isolation and cell-line development

Our products offer powerful automation for isolating single cells and provide documented proof of monoclonality based on whole-well images. Accelerate the development of stable cell lines, such as genome-edited iPSCs and viral vector producing cells with our modular systems and automate all tedious manual pipetting as well as image-capture. Documented single-cell isolation, clone tracking and data management has never been easier.

Experts in iPSC genome-engineering

Our Expertise - Your Success

We offer everything from project consultancy, reagent design, development of genome-edited iPSCs (pools as well as clonal edited lines), characterization of respective edits & off-target analyses, as well as bespoke quality controls, scale-up and banking.

With dozens of genome-engineering projects successfully completed, our pipeline has been streamlined exceptionally for induced pluripotent stem cells and delivers high quality results with fast turnaround times & flexible entry points.


What our customers say

  • “Using the isoCell for our single cell cloning work has been easy and reliable from the get-go and has seamlessly been incorporated into our pipeline. The procedures are gentle for the cells and we see extremely good survival rates allowing a large number of clones to be screened. The customer service we have received is second to none.”

    - Louisa Emms, Research Scientist, The Native Antigen Company (Part of LGC Clinical Diagnostics)
  • "After a few rounds of optimization, the Single-Cell Cloning Platform provided by IotaSciences has proven to be a game-changer for our company. It allowed us to dramatically increase the throughput of genetically modified hESCs clone screening, accelerating our experimental workflow"

    - Davide Monducci, Research Scientist, IRBM

  • "We have produced mutant iPSC lines with more traditional flow-sorting approaches, but this is very tedious with often limited returns with regards to cell quality and clonality.  iotaSciences' knowledge-driven approach and their streamlined workflow, has allowed us to quickly obtain desired clones and move our project forward. Especially the visual confirmation of obtaining true single-cell clones is a massive benefit."

    - Dr. Jussi-Pekka Tolonen, Clinical Researcher, University of Oulu

  • "It was impressive that cells grew from a single cell within the GRIDs, which was like magic as we could not grow the cell in 96 well plates."

    - Dr. Yoshi Itoh, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator, University of Oxford


september, 2023

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