Effortless single-cell cloning with high-quality outcome

Reproducible and consistent results
Streamlined workflows and accessible automation in a modular platform
Making the tedious easy
Navigate the cloning workflow with intuitive touchscreens and automate all tedious pipetting steps

Single-Cell Cloning Platform

Document clonality with whole-chamber images
Image and document monoclonality with whole-chamber images and take confidence in your data
Gentle on cells
Low pressure and low shear with optional heating for high cell viability


Isolate, feed and harvest your cells
Automatically isolate, feed and harvest your cells for consistent results in every experiment.
The isoCell manages all tedious pipetting steps for you:  isolating single-cells,  feeding at any interval you choose and then harvesting your culture for downstream analysis. Automated wireless data-transfer between isoCell and isoHub guarantees a seamless and efficient workflow.


Verify monoclonality and track your clones
After single cells are plated into GRID chambers, cells are imaged using isoHub. Entire GRID chambers can be viewed in the absence of optical edge effects typically associated with conventional culture plasticware, allowing absolute confidence in identifying chambers that contain a single cell. 
The isoHub automates navigation through GRIDs and allows tracking of your clones, either using brightfield or fluorescent mode.

isoHub Imaging

Document clonality with whole-chamber images
The isoHub imaging system allows users to document monoclonality and clonal outgrowth at a click of a button.
Simply select GRID chambers that contain a single cell and the imaging system will record and document your selection with a whole- chamber image. Users can easily take follow-up images of relevant chambers throughout the process and document clonal outgrowth.
Image files are auto-named and sorted according to the chamber's details, providing a history for each selected single cell - from start to finish - for a fully transparent process record.

isoHub Fluorescence

4-channels & 16 LED wavelengths - any fluorophore
The Cloning Platform features a pE-4000 illumination system for fluorescence microscopy.
The system is controlled via a highly user-friendly touchpad and allows the detection of all commonly used fluorescent molecules, including GFP, RFP, DAPI and many others. 

Compact system

The most compact system on the market: isoCell fits into any cell culture hood without obstructing ongoing cell culture work.

Gentle on cells

Cells are cultured in microlitre volumes, utilizing low pressure and low shear fluid handling steps and a heated bed come together to produce exceptional cell viability.

Seamless operation

Wireless data-transfer between isoCell and isoHub guarantees a synergistic, automated and efficient cloning workflow.

Reagent compatibility

The system is compatible with a wide range of reagents and coatings used in cell culture. Enquire about your reagents

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