High Quality Guide RNAs and Primers

Need a recommendation for guide RNAs to efficiently knockout your favourite gene?

We have compared and integrated collections of guide RNAs from various external predictions tools into one harmonized dataset. All guide RNAs have been quality-scored with IDT’s CRISPR-Cas9 gRNA checker and selected for top on- and off-target scores. The collection contains only guide RNAs with a minimal score of 50 for off-target and on-target activity (possible range 1-100, with 100 being top score).

Each guide RNA in the collection comes with pre-designed primers, spanning the Cas9 cut-site, for seamless amplification and sequence analysis of the respective genomic region. The curated dataset is currently available for human genes – GRCh38/hg38.

Simply type your favourite gene into the search box below, either using the gene’s offical symbol or ENSEMBL Gene ID.